Choosing Your DJ

If this is your first time hiring a DJ for your special event, there are a few things you should know. You have probably heard the phrase “The entertainment can make or break a party.” That is very true and learning these few tips can save you from a disaster.

The Search :
The best way to find a DJ is through word of mouth. Ask your friends and family who they’ve seen or used. What did they like or dislike about the performance? If these resources are not available to you, a quick internet search will yield dozens of results. Keep in mind when searching the internet, every upstanding DJ company will have a website. Also, a DJ’s website is a direct reflection on their company. From the various websites, you will notice some have a “homemade” look to them and some are distinctly designed by professionals. Professional DJ’s will have professional websites.

Before the Call :
It is important for you to understand the level of entertainment that you desire. Some events are extremely interactive and require an energetic DJ, while others are more relaxed and you simply want someone to provide music. Because of this, it is important to understand what you want so you can find a DJ that will be the perfect match for your event.

The Music :
Do you want a DJ with a set music program or one who can be flexible? Take requests or not? Play your requests on demand or when they feel it can be fit in without altering the dance floor or mood? As always, this is completely up to you. Most importantly - get the DJ that will do it your way.

Experienced & Professional :
Although interesting, you probably wouldn't hire McDonalds to cater your event. You would leave that to an experienced caterer. You should pick your entertainment the same way. Find an experienced DJ company that will provide you with the world-class DJ entertainment that you require.

Make Sure your DJ :
Is punctual and is personable
Has enough music and uses professional equipment
Is dressed appropriately, plays your requests                                    
Understands your event 

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