Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you help us with planning and MC our event?
Yes!!! We not only work with you to plan your event or party, but we can also work closely with the other vendors. We provide you with a Reception Planner and our knowledge to help you plan your event from start to finish. During our consultation with you, we go over the planner and discuss what type of festivities you would like and when you would like them to happen.
We like to meet with clients at least once if possible and we follow up a week prior to your event for any last minute changes and details. We coordinate the events festivities based on how you want your special day to happen. The experience and professionalism of your entertainment and vendors is vital to a successful event.

Q: Can we meet with you personally during the planning stages?
Absolutely, we like to meet with clients at least once if possible and we follow up a week prior to your event for any last minute changes and details. We coordinate the events festivities based on how you want your special day to happen. The experience and professionalism of your entertainment and vendors is vital to a successful event.

Q: What type of music will be played?
Your music likes and dislikes are discussed in detail before the event. You are given the opportunity on the Reception Planner to choose your special songs, requests and songs not to be played. You can choose if you would like us to play requests from guests or you can choose the music for your entire event.

Q: What time do you arrive?
We normally try to be there 1.5- 2 hours in advance. This gives us plenty of time to load in, setup and run sound tests. This also allows us time to discuss the evenings events with the hall, caterer, photographer and videographer. Guests normally arrive a little early so we like to have music playing at that time.

Q: What will you be wearing?
We always wear a tuxedo to all formal events. If there is something else you would like us to wear just let us know.

Q: How loud will the music be?
During cocktail hour and dinner, the music will be at a volume loud enough to be enjoyed but not so loud conversation is difficult. After dinner the volume will be increased to a level so that the people dancing can enjoy it but no so loud it the rest of your guests can't speak. We monitor the volume during the entire event and ask guests if it is at a pleasant level. We understand that volume levels can be the biggest complaint about a DJ.

Q: What is your policy concerning obscene lyrics and content?
Our DJ service will have a "no obscenity" policy regarding any music played.

Q: Do you offer lighting & special effects? Does this cost extra?
Many DJ's offer lighting & special effects to add excitement to your party, but at an additional fee. Our lighting system is included in the price of your wedding or event package.

Q: How many hours of entertainment time do we get?
A typical Wedding package is based on the normal amount of time a wedding event usually lasts. Our Wedding Package includes up to 6 hours of entertainment depending on your needs and requests. Most other events are based on a 4 hour package.

Q: Can you play longer if needed?
Yes, if you would like to extend your party its no problem! Just let us know before the event ends that you would like us to continue past the contracted time. If you exceed the contracted hours of playing time we will simply charge you a reasonable amount of overtime in either 1\2 hour or full hour increments.

Q: Do we have to provide the entertainer with a meal during dinner events?
We do not expect you to provide a meal for us. Including your entertainer with dinner is considered a courtesy not a necessity.

Q: Do we have to tip our entertainer.
We feel you are not obligated in any way to tip your entertainer. If you feel your entertainer did a great job and would like to express your gratitude with a tip it would be appreciated.

Q: Do You Take Breaks?
No we do not take formal breaks. The music will be non stop for the contracted period.

Q: Do you have a backup system.
Yes we have a complete backup system with us at every event and party. Failures are very rare but we are 100% prepared if we have problem. The show will go on!

Q: Do you take requests?
Absolutely! We encourage requests. Not only prior to the event but also during. We will play to your crowd demographics and also work in your music selections during the appropriate times to keep your dance floor filled and guests happy!

Q: Can I bring my own music?
Most likely we will have the music selection in our song database, however, you are more than welcome to bring your music.

Q: What type of interaction do you have with guests?
We can perform with a Laid Back Style or as interactive as you like.
Our services provides a professional Wedding DJ expert that has diverse crowd experience and can serve all age groups, taste and style! Talk to us about some of our interactive ideas!

Q: Do you provide a wedding reception planner?
We offer a Reception Planner for all confirmed clients. The planner allows you to add instructions, give names, provide directions, select songs, make special requests.

Q: What do you wear? Professionalism is something we emphasize.
We always dress appropriately for the occasion. Clients should be sure to specify the expected attire for all events.

Q: Do you do the announcements?
Unless the client has a designated announcer/emcee, we perform this service at no extra charge.

Q: How long have you been in business?
Party Effects has been in business since 2000. However, Owner/DJ Ray Rivera has been entertaining for over 35 years and has promoted his services in several areas of the events and entertainment market such as live and recorded music, inflatable amusements, International Air shows, coin operated entertainment, Chamber of Commerce Events, event coordination and much, much more.

Q: Do you provide a written contract?
Yes. Once you decide to book your date with Party Effects, you'll receive a contract which will be signed by both parties.

Q: How much is the deposit and how can I pay?
The deposit amount is $100.00. The balance is due on the event date, you may pay by installment or in full at the time your contract is signed. Credit cards transactions can be processed online via Paypal, click here to go the Payment link at the top of the page and pay though a highly trusted and secure website. Cash, checks and money orders are also accepted. Returned checks will carry a $75.00 return service fee.

Q: Is planning, set up time and travel included?
There is no extra charge for set up. Travel charge depends on your event location. Your quote is based on the start time and end time of your event plus a travel fee when applicable. Rates are based on round trip mileage.
Click here for travel fees under our Terms and Conditions download

Q: Are you the DJ who will be at the event?
Yes, you will be directly in contact with company owner and DJ, Ray Rivera. Throughout the entire planning process, you'll get to know him personally. Your DJ entertainment will never be subcontracted to an outside service.