The Wedding Party

Bridal Party Duties

The bridal party are the bride & grooms entourage, they have their bridal party duties & responsibilities to perform. These individuals are carefully picked by the bride and groom as their supporting cast and they each have their wedding etiquette bridal responsibilities, before, during and after the wedding event.

Who pays for what? As times change and customs evolve, bridal etiquette is itself a marriage of respect and courtesy for the entire bridal party. So when a question of bridal party etiquette arises, your guide should always be to consider the feelings of those affected.

Bridal Etiquette
The supporting cast helps with the production and planning of the wedding just like the crew in high production movies. Bridal party etiquette is taken very seriously, only the elite get to be part of the team and the success of the perfect-wedding-day lies strongly in their dedication.

Selecting the members of your bridal party is a very special task It is very likely that you may select your dearest friend or closest relative, and while your sentimental decision may be your very best choice, consider the fact that the person selected does have some very real responsibilities.The first thing to remember when choosing  is that your wedding is supposed to be about  Groom and Bride.

Your wishes take top priority in selecting attendants. You are under no obligation to ask anyone to be in your wedding. When you ask someone to take on that role, ask if they have the time and energy to help you prepare for your wedding.The maid or matron of honor and best man should ultimately be the two people that the bride and groom can reliably turn to.

Maid of Honor Duties

The maid of honor duties are perhaps the most demanding of anyone involved in the wedding - possibly with the exception of the blushing bride herself. Being a Maid of Honor means, you are the bride's chief cohort, her number one assistant and best girlfriend.

To be part of the bridal party is a great honor and a high compliment, as only the elite are chosen to be part of the team. The maid of honor or matron of honor, is often a relative or close friend of the bride, she has to be dependable, because she helps in all facets of the wedding planning.

Bridesmaid Duties

Bridesmaids duties will vary according to how many bridesmaids you have. If you have 3 bridesmaids, you should delegate different tasks to each girl - your wedding planning will run smoothly if you do.

Flower Girl Etiquette and Duties

Flower girl etiquette dictates that the flower girl walks down the aisle in front of the bride and bridal party. For centuries bridal flower girls have symbolized the fertility of the nuptial union and melted the hardest of hearts with their cherub-like looks and angelic smiles.

As part of her flower girl duties, your little cherub may also scatter flowers or rose-petals or simply carry a bouquet, a ring of flowers, a pomander bouquet or kissing ball

Best Man Responsibility

Looking after the needs of the groom is a best man responsibility. He is the groom's deputy, his second in command and sworn henchman. This is the man who lends an ear when his best friend - the groom - is overwhelmed with the planning of the wedding.

Important best man duties include carrying the expensive wedding rings to the church and paying vendors on his behalf. He frees up time for the groom to prepare himself for the wedding. He is a valuable and trusted friend.

Another important best man duty is being in charge of organizing the groomsmen and delegating tasks to the wedding ushers. It is a best man responsibility to ensure everything on the wedding day runs smoothly, according to plan and on schedule. The best man at a wedding can be any age, but must be a mature and responsible manager. He also must be is well groomed and well dressed.

Groomsmen Duties

In ancient times, groomsmen were essentially the groom's bodyguards, so the groomsmen duties were to ensure nothing happened to prevent the groom from taking his rightful place next to his bride.

Today, the groomsmen duties tend to be a little less dangerous and are generally restricted to helping the best man organize the stag party and ensuring the groom isn't inebriated and handcuffed to any outbound train. As a rough groomsmen guide - be prepared for photo-opps and try to help the groom and best man on the wedding day.

The groomsmen and ushers are usually relatives or close friends of the groom or bridal party. The number of wedding groomsmen depends on the size and cost of the wedding. Traditionally, in Christian ceremonies, the bride's family and guests sit on the left and the groom's on the right. In Jewish services, the seating is opposite.

Usher Wedding Duties

Usher wedding duties are to assist the bridal party. As a guideline, you need one wedding usher to every 50 guests. Wedding ushers duties are to direct guests to the appropriate places, ensuring the ceremony runs smoothly. It's important to have at least two ushers for a wedding of 150 people. Their responsiblity is to perform the duties the best man can't if he is to focus all his attention on the groom. Groomsmen sometimes double as ushers up until the ceremony starts.

The groomsmen and ushers are the first to arrive, around 30-45 minutes before the wedding ceremony. A wedding usher may stand outside the church, greeting and directing the early guests to the appropriate seating and handing out programs or service notes and boutonnières for guests.

Pageboy/Ring Bearer Duties

The ring bearer or wedding pageboy is at the head of the bridal party as it enters the church. His main role is to look extremely cute and elicit squeals of adoration from his grandmother and her friends. In his ring-bearer duties, he carries a pillow with ring or rings tied in the center with ribbon that is attached to the pillow. Wise heads usually place false rings on the pillow. Imagine the difficulty in prising away the rings from a squalling 5 year old if he is determined to keep them.

The ring bearer walks in front of or besides the flower girl followed by the bride, her father and her train bearers. Once in the church and the bearer of the ring carries the pillow to the Maid of Honor and Best Man who remove the rings. His role complete, the young ring bearer reverts to his original role of looking cute.